Client Testimonials

To Anyone with a Legal Dilemma,
My name is John Anthony Moore. I have had my share of legal quandaries. This Testimonial is the truth and believe me, the total and unadulterated truth.

I found myself with 3 points on my driving record, within one year. This, in case you may not be aware, means your license is revoked for a period of 6 months; no ifs, ands, or buts. I felt doomed, as without a CA Drivers License I would have lost my job. Here I am with a wife and two children in a struggling economy and the very real prospect of no job?

I began calling all the Lawyers on the web in the Sacramento area I could find, as that is where I received my ticket. No Attorney I connected with gave me an ounce of faith that they could represent me in the way I wanted.

Brianne Doyle did just that.

Brianne gave me the impression that she would “put herself in my shoes” and represent me in the fashion I wanted: with class, hard work, and knowledge of the Law.

Even though the odds were against me getting anything but a revoked Drivers License for 6 months and losing my job, house, and family; everything important to me, Brianne came through.

We are not talking about some fairy tale ending here; I was guilty and I knew it. However, without Brianne’s expertise I would have lost EVERYTHING. Brianne negotiated with the Police Officer, and the District Attorney. I ended up keeping my license, my job, my house, and my family. Brianne has also given me faith that you can get “another chance” if you have the proper representation.

To my knowledge and in my opinion anyone who has any difficulties with the law, cannot find a better advocate, negotiator and litigator than Brianne Doyle, Attorney at Law. Brianne is the best and I will not hesitate for a moment to use her services again, shall I need them.

I want to thank Brianne Doyle very much for her time, negotiation skills, advocacy and legal expertise in doing an outstanding job, bar none.


John Moore
Northridge, CA 91325

I just wanted to say thank you.  You have no idea how much you helped me out.  Pretty sure I would have ended up locked up a long time without your help.  Thank you.  Thank you.

-J. Joseph

Thank you so much for holding my hand through everything.  I couldn’t have made it through without you.

-E. Matney

Ms. Doyle is a genuine caring person who also happens to provide the best legal representation that one could ever hope to find. She kept me informed (and calm) through every step of the process and helped me to achieve a verdict that completely exceeded my expectations of what I thought possible. I would, without hesitation or reservation, recommend her to anyone in need of her expertise.

-K. Temple