Brianne Doyle has handled thousands of cases in her career, and yet she still tries to learn something new from each case and each client.

She knows that cases can be decided in the initial investigation stage. For that reason, she starts her courtroom preparation long before she ever gets near the courthouse by doing an complete and exhaustive investigation. Her systematic approach ensures that all possible advantages are exposed and leveraged in her clients' favor. In court she is equally at home in front of a judge and jury, and most often avoids the need to litigate cases by getting a favorable settlement through negotiations.

Ms. Doyle is a professional. She keeps her practice small by choice. Her modest office and low overhead allow her to comfortably carry less than 1/3 of the caseload of a typical associate attorney at larger law firms. She sets her fees such that she can give each client's case the attention it needs. This means more attention and less stress for her clients.

She is regularly recommended by former clients, by other attorneys, police officers and judges to their friends and family members facing criminal charges.

When appropriate, Ms. Doyle calls on a network of experts to clarify issues that permeate various aspects of DUI and other criminal charges. She is not afraid to seek help and share the credit if doing so opens the door to a better result for his clients.

Ms. Doyle is very approachable and friendly. She is always willing to talk with you and provides a no-obligation case evaluation to those who are unrepresented and serious about retaining private counsel, so that you can get to know her before making your choice of which attorney to hire.